Registration and login Uploading/ recording
Click on "register" in the menu, fill out the registration form and shortly after you will recieve an email with an confirmation link attached. When confirmed your user will be activated. Your username may consist of a doubble name (with a space in between )for example: "Mambo Ginin". You can either login with your registered username, or your email address.
Download songs
You have to be logged in and have user points to be able to download any recording from the song database. Each download will cost you 10 user points. To achieve user points you need to proceed with an upload.
Song database
Every approved upload will be put available in the song database. To find lyrics or songs you can do a seach by the title of the song, click on the alphabetic listing or view the recent uploads that have been done by other users. If you have user points in your account (minimum 10 ups) you are able to download a song. Recordings, lyrics in kreyol or translations can also be added where missing, this will also add you the same value of user points as any normal upload would do.
Create or join a sosyete group

Every head (Houngan/Mambo) or representative of a Sosyete may now apply the creation of their own sosyete group on! This means if approved that you are given your own personal/privat sosyete group to be able to use this website as a medium to share and teach all your house songs among your own children and/or brothers and sisters the world over.

You may invite your own members to join from the 'browse user' list, or users may also apply to join an already created sosyete group in the list. All users will see uploads, be informed and also recieve emails of every new recording in the Sosyete. Every member will also be given weekly privileges for a number of free downloads This is especially good for the sosyete members who only know a few, or dont know any songs from before and who need to learn!

Become a priveledged full user
Becoming a full user means that there will be added 6 free user points (1 downloads) to your account every week. To get the status of a full user you have to have earned 300 user points. When this is achieved, your user will automatically get upgraded to a full user level.
User points
You can chose to upload lyrics only (with or without translation), only a recording, or both. You will get user points for each approved upload, depending on what you uploaded. By uploading "lyrics in Kreyol" you can earn 1 userpoint, for adding translation "lyrics in English" you can earn another 1 user point, and for every recording 8 user points will be rewarded. This means that every full upload (Kreyol, English and recording) will give you a total of 10 user points if approved.
Upload an recording

While recording please stick to similar layout as currently on the website, and remember to repeat the song x3 times over on the recording. The title of the song should be accordingly to the spesific Lwa (or name) so it will get listed correctly where it should.

Recordings are to be done and saved live and direct on the page. It's easy and everything is ready for you right there. All you need is a cheap microphone (for example headset microphone) or even the mic on the laptop should be enough to do it. Or if you don't want to do recordings this is fine as well, just upload the kreyol lyrics on to the database (with or without translation) and let someone else fill in the missing part later.

When recording a song, press "record" then "stop" and "save" when finished. It will take a few secounds before your file is saved. When you are ready to upload simply click on upload under the text box to compleate. The upload will then get status as pending and you will get further notice after an admin have reviewed your content and approved or rejected.

Please also make sure that your content is not already listed in the database before you upload.