This website is designed to function as tool for vodouisants all over the world to share and download sacred songs of Haitian Vodou and is based on a give and get principle, meaning you can download by doing uploads.

Newest feature update: Sosyete group membership

Every head (Houngan/Mambo) or representative of a Sosyete may now apply the creation of their own sosyete group on! This means if approved that you are given your own personal/privat sosyete group to be able to use this website as a medium to share and teach all your house songs among your own children and/or brothers and sisters the world over.

You may invite your own members to join from the 'browse user' list, or users may also apply to join an already created sosyete group in the list. All users will see uploads, be informed and also recieve emails of every new recording in the Sosyete. Every member will also be given weekly privileges for a number of free downloads This is especially good for the sosyete members who only know a few, or dont know any songs from before and who need to learn!

Points per upload Points per download
1 point for each translation in Kreyol
1 point for each translation in English
8 points for each recording

Free (1-5) weekly for sosyete group members
10 points for each standard user